"William Vaughan, as Lorenzo, is endearing, even while he reflects the conflict men often have between love and lust (and sometimes greed) in dealing with women." - MD Theatre Guide

(District Merchants; Folger Theatre)

"In the duel roles of the Dreaming Man and Skylar, actor William Vaughan expertly performs "double duty" performing two highly-different roles within limited stage time. Vaughan's precise, crisp, movements and swagger are a joy to watch." - DCMTA

"Vaughan demonstrates the art of comedic timing." - MD Theatre Guide

(The Flick; Signature Theatre)

"Played with hip- hop bravado and palpable loneliness by William Vaughan."- The Washington Post

"William Vaughan is cannily magnetic."- DC Theatre Scene

Extraordinarily well-played by William Vaughan." - Broadway World

(Ironbound; Round House Theatre)

"As Lucius, William Vaughan, who's role is expanded in this production, hits every note of his performance perfectly (including a few on the violin)." - DCMetroTheatreArts

(Julius Caesar; Folger Theatre)

"William Vaughan, as the suddenly villainous Jacob, conveys genuine cruelty accompanied by unmistakable self-loathing."- DCMTA

"Stunningly executed by Vaughan, Jacob is a force to witness, bringing to light a teen who is easy to hate but impossible to ignore."- DC Theatre Scene

(Abominable; The Hub Theatre)

"Vaughan, in particular, wins the evening's comic honors with his great physicality and the show's

funniest monologue."- FreeTimes

(Comedy of Errors; Theatre Carolina)

"Vaughan, who delivers one of Mercutio's speeches while doing push-ups, intriguingly suggests psychological fissures running through this doomed, witty character."- Washington Post

"My heart also skipped a beat or two for the tap-dancing, blonde Mercutio."-DC Metro Theatre Arts

"Mercutio's famous Queen Mab Speech resonates in a new way."-Washington City Paper (Romeo and Juliet; We Happy Few)

"William Vaughan is the essence of earnestness."-FreeTimes

"William Vaughan makes a fascinating transition from an unnoticed junior officer desperately missing his wife and home, to a thoughtful director of serious theatre."- Onstage Columbia

(Our Country's Good; Theatre Carolina)


"...played dashingly by William Vaughan"-mdtheatreguide

"...a solid William Vaughan"- Eastwest DDRK

"...a charmingly casual William Vaughan"-womenaroundtown.com

(Twelfth Night; Folger Theatre)


"Most notably, Vaughan's Arthur is adorably and hilariously hapless." - Washington Post

"Arthur is played by the adorable William Vaughan. His portrayal of this gawky and bookish and was sweet and well-rounded." - MD Theatre Guide

(Miss Bennet: Christmas at Pemberly)